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Count your blessings

Yesterday we spent our morning helping our friend Sandy Daniels and her organization, Festival of Children, set-up a Christmas experience for homeless families at the Los Angeles Mission. For years, Sandy has been bringing in a large tent filled with Christmas trees, holiday decorations and lots and lots of toys. Oh and did I mention Santa and his elves also comes by to greet all the kids before they get to pick their toy? Everyone at the L.A. Mission are great and I was wished a Merry Christmas by more people in a few hours than I heard in all the weeks leading up to this day. I've been told that over 18,000 people are homeless in the City of Los Angeles and over 30,000 are homeless in Los Angeles County but it is different seeing it close up. Seeing families living in cars and tents (on sidewalks) all around downtown Los Angeles reminded me of all the Internally Displaced Persons Camps we saw on our research trip around the world. Really what is the difference? Perhaps it is that there are international organizations trying to help people in other countries but here in the United States we must rely on local groups like Festival of Children and the Los Angeles Mission. So this holiday season while enjoying time with family and friends in the comfort of your home, please count your blessing and don't forget about those less fortunate.

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