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So many photos, so little time

Lesson to self, when you travel for 4 months with three people all brandishing cameras, it will take you much longer than you thought to look through all the photos. This holiday period is the perfect time to reflect on everything we’ve experienced and start to organize the thousands of photos we now possess. In addition to the photos we captured, some of which we are proud to say are pretty good, there are great shots from Gwendolen Cates, our documentarian and professional photographer. We’ve always hoped that a collection of the photos we’ve taken could be organized into a gallery exhibit highlighting the work of all the great people we met during our trip. That seems like a real possibility now. A gallery exhibit could be a great companion piece to our play and documentary. In addition to viewing these photos to bring back great memories, we need to be mindful to tag images that could be used in an exhibit. Coupled with words from the hours of interviews we recorded, the exhibit could be quite interesting and powerful. It is time to pour a big glass of eggnog and settle in to remember and relive some of the adventures we’ve experienced and begin the next phase of this journey. So to all the friends we’ve made along the way, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and Peace to All.

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