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Creative Visions Foundation update

Amazing how time flies! It’s seems like only yesterday when we first met Kathy Eldon at a United Nations’ luncheon and was invited to join her program. Over a year has passed and it’s time to renew our membership and participation with her Creative Visions Foundation. Kathy and her daughter Amy have dedicated their lives to keeping the memory of Dan Eldon (son and brother) alive by inspiring and helping artists create social change through the arts. They have a beautiful location in Malibu, just above the American Apparel store on Pacific Coast Highway, which serves as meeting place and art gallery. Masters at connecting like-minded people, they open their center for idea sharing sessions, receptions, formal discussions and events. One of their most impressive programs is connecting members with mentors from various fields (from editors to lawyers). For us, they hold the necessary non-profit status to allow us to accept donations and provide the necessary tax deductions. Anyone can donate to Theatre for Humans through our link on the home page and receive a deduction. As we get closer to our play opening, we are certain our relationship with them will strengthen. We know that they will be there to provide guidance, advice and support.

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