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Ok, so I guess this is real

We are down to less than 24 hours before we leave and what a day it has been! Our press release about the play and our playwright went out this morning. For those of you who missed it, we are thrilled to announce that Marsha Norman will be writing this piece. That's right, THE Marsha Norman - Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winner. The release was picked up by great entities - broke the news, followed by, and to name a few. We couldn't be more proud to have someone of her stature involved in this production and we look forward to working with her to create something truly amazing and unforgettable.

Oh, and for those who were wondering - the duffle is packed and includes 3 skirts, 6 shirts and 5 pairs of pants and still too many shoes. In addition there is lots of bug spray, suntan lotion and breakfast bars. Next blog will be from Thailand! Can't wait...

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