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Theatre for Humans


Theatre for Humans, LLC is

an arts and entertainment company with a mission to highlight US and global social issues and give voice to those whose stories must be told.



Theatre for Humans is dedicated to raising awareness of human rights issues around the globe. Our projects give voice to those in need and highlight the work being done to help others.

Get Involved

Learn simple steps to make a difference in your community and around the world.


Producer's Picks:

Looking for a way to feel good and do good? Consider donating to the following Organizations

Women for Afghan Women 

Based in Queens, New York this NGO provides vital and life saving services to women and children in the United States and Afghanistan


NightLight International

Operating in Thailand and the United States, Nightlight International helps women escape sex trade by offering counseling, medical services and vocational training to women in need.

Safe Spaces 

Founded by Peninah Nythenya Musyimi, Safe Spaces provides exactly that... a safe space in the Eastland slums of Nairobi for girls to learn life skills, reproductive health training, vocational training, and pursue educational scholarship opportunities.

Featured Video

This short video tells the story of Women for Afghan Women, a remarkable NGO doing work in Afghanistan and the United States.  It was the intro piece for their last live webinar from Afghanistan.

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