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The first draft is nearly completed!

September is here and that means we are very, very close to getting the first draft of the script! It’s been like waiting for Christmas when you were a kid. The closer we get, the greater the anticipation. Everyone has worked so hard to get to this point – the travel, the interviews, the meetings and research will pay off in just days. Now don’t get me wrong, I know it’s only the first draft and there will be re-writes and changes as Marsha fine-tunes her work, but to think that we have come from idea to first draft in two years makes the all work and effort worthwhile. Once we get the script in hand, our next priority will be putting together a reading for various United Nations agencies and potential alliance partners. Organizing the reading will take weeks and require that we have a few other items checked off our “To Do” list. This will include getting our director and working closely with Marsha to make sure her words come to life properly. The other major task will be finding a date for our reading that works for all the representatives from the various agencies that we are inviting. With the General Assembly just around the corner, we know our reading can’t happen until after they get through the first two weeks. If all goes well, our reading should happen this fall in New York City.

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