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A week in the life

Finally a week without many off-site meetings and lunches! As much as networking is an important element to any successful project, it was great to spend time in our office, actually working on the numerous aspects of our play rather than rushing off to meet with various people/organizations. It was also nice to have a few days that didn’t require us to sit in Southern California traffic. So how did we spend our time? It was filled, and I do mean filled, with conversations and emails to all our team members. This included a status update with Marsha Norman, who is working hard on completing the second act, a strategy conference call with our PR Team, many conversations with Maris about our social marketing campaign, and emails and calls with Gwendolen Cates our documentarian. We also squeezed in time to review/revise some key documents and began the process of planning and executing website improvements and updates. Add to that our “day” job of planning and producing events for ABC, Disney, Warner Brothers and 20th Century Fox and it was a very hectic and amazingly productive week indeed. The weekend finally arrived and it was a chance to re-charge, watch our LA Kings play for the Stanley Cup (just wait for Game 6), watch Boston play Miami in the Eastern Conference Finals (wait till next year) and enjoy the 66th annual Tony Awards. It’s pretty cool to be part of the theatre community again and see our General Manager, Carl White nominated for his second Tony Award (he won last year for “A Normal Heart”). Go Carl!

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